The role of women in sustainable agricultural practices – an exceptional story Araku coffee



New York – Follow-ups – Rashad Alkhader – Free Yemen Eye -United Nations
International Women’s Day – 8 March, 2024

Under the slogan

Role of women in sustainable farming practices

extraordinary story of
Araku Coffee
On 8th March 2024, the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations Headquarters in New York will host a remarkable event in the Delegates’ Lounge, celebrating both International Women’s Day and the extraordinary story of Araku Coffee. This event will not only showcase the exceptional quality of this organic coffee but also highlight its unique roots – grown in the Araku Valley of India by tribal communities. Araku Coffee, known for its rich flavor and sustainable cultivation methods, serves as a symbol of empowerment and environmental stewardship.
The theme of the event aligns perfectly with International Women’s Day, as Araku Coffee’s production is a driving force in empowering women within these tribal communities. Women play a crucial role in the entire coffee production process, from cultivation to harvesting, ensuring the organic integrity and quality of the coffee. This event at UN Headquarters will provide an immersive experience into the world of Araku Coffee, including a tasting experience. It aims to not only feature the exceptional Araku Coffee but also to shed light on the impactful role of women in sustainable farming practices globally.

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