Kennedy Democrats Announce Enthusiastic Endorsement of President Joe Biden’s Reelection Campaign Progressive Democratic group announces endorsement as a rival presidential candidate seizes the Kennedy Democrat moniker at campaign events

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BUCKS COUNTY, PA – Kennedy Democrats, a progressive political organization dedicated to building infrastructure for the state by electing Democrats up and down the ballot in Pennsylvania, released the following statement endorsing President Biden after a challenger appropriated the organization’s name while on the stump.

Scott Wallace, who co-founded Kennedy Democrats alongside former Congressman and Army Under Secretary Patrick Murphy, stated the following about their unequivocal support for President Biden to get a second term next year:

“To be clear, Kennedy Democrats 100 percent supports the reelection of President Joe Biden. Though our organization’s name has recently been invoked as a slogan for a candidate seeking to defeat President Biden, we believe President Biden has produced a spectacular record of accomplishment, much of it through strong bipartisan legislative consensus, delivering huge tangible benefits for everyday Americans. Most recently, his leadership saved us — and the world economy — from the catastrophic effects of a default on our national debt, and the Supreme Court’s head-spinning judicial activism in decimating the rights and freedoms of Americans reminds us of the extraordinarily high stakes in next November’s elections. Our nation desperately needs to continue this leadership to strengthen our economy, responsibly balance spending and revenues, and protect our freedoms and our planet. To us, President Biden categorically deserves reelection.

Kennedy Democrats remain united with our friends in our commitment to elect progressive Democrats in Pennsylvania in the mold of JFK, his two brothers who served in the US Senate, and other Kennedys in the US House.”

Kennedy Democrats launched in 2019 to elect a new generation of Democrats outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and deepen the political bench for Pennsylvania. The group has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for candidates across Pennsylvania and will continue supporting candidates in addition to President Joe Biden in next year’s election.

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