DHS and FBI Public Service Announcement Threat Environment

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The FBI has seen an increase in reports of threats against Jewish, Muslim, & Arab communities & institutions, raising our concern that violent extremists & lone offenders motivated by or reacting to ongoing events could target these communities:
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DHS and FBI Public Service Announcement Threat Environment
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are issuing this Public Service Announcement to highlight potential threats in the United States from a variety of actors in response to the HAMAS attacks on Israel on 7 October and subsequent activities in the region, including additional calls by foreign terrorist organizations to their supporters seeking to foment violence in the West. This is an update to the 10 October FBI and DHS Public Service Announcement and the 18 October FBI, National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), and DHS Joint Intelligence Bulletin to law enforcement partners. This announcement reflects a fluid and evolving situation; the terrorism threat in the Homeland has remained heightened throughout 2023, but recent events have increased the possibility of potential attacks against individuals and institutions in response to developments in the Middle East.
Since DHS and FBI issued the 10 October Public Service Announcement, the volume and frequency of threats to Americans, especially those in the Jewish, Arab American, and Muslim communities in the United States, have increased, raising our concern that violent extremists and lone offenders motivated by or reacting to ongoing events could target these communities. These threats have included hoax bomb threats targeting houses of worship and violent rhetoric online encouraging attacks against the Jewish, Arab American, and Muslim communities across the United States. Of note, on 14 October an individual in Illinois stabbed and killed a six-year-old Palestinian-American child and severely wounded his mother, an incident that is being investigated as an anti-Muslim hate crime.
While we have no specific information that foreign adversaries are plotting attacks against the homeland, some are seeking to take advantage of the conflict, calling for violence in furtherance of their respective goals. On 13 October, al-Qaida media called for support to HAMAS through attacks against American bases, airports, battleships, and embassies in predominantly Muslim countries.
Iranian media outlets have issued and/or amplified various types of mis- and dis-information online about the conflict in ways that risk deepening resentment and
evoking strong emotional responses among English-speaking audiences. These outlets are utilizing verifiably doctored or mislabeled images and video footage, inaccurate translations, and misleading content about the conflict with the apparent intent to stoke passions, accelerate the process of radicalization, and lead individuals to engage in targeted violence.
Tensions between Israel and the Palestinian territories have long been a source of calls for violence against Jewish, Arab American, and Muslim communities. This history, coupled with the current widespread sharing of graphic and disturbing content related to this conflict, increases the risk of incitement to violence in the United States. We therefore urge everyone to remain vigilant and to report any threats of violence or suspicious activity to law enforcement.
On 19 October, an ISIS media posting urged followers to “target the Jewish presence
all over the world…especially Jewish neighborhoods in America and Europe,” and specifically
encouraged attacks on Jewish temples, nightclubs, and economic interests and against “Jewish
and Crusader” embassies.

DHS and FBI are particularly attuned in this environment to the concerns of the Jewish, Arab American, and Muslim communities and will continue to engage directly with leaders in these communities to ensure that available resources are brought to bear.
• To help mitigate potential risks in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving threat environment, DHS has compiled several resources for communities and faith leaders, including the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) compendium of resources for securing mass gatherings and public spaces. Additionally, resources for law enforcement also are available to increase our nation’s ability to prevent acts of violence and increase our resilience to evolving threats.
• To report any leads, threats, or suspected criminal activity, FBI and DHS urge the public to visit www.tips.fbi.gov or contact their local FBI Office: www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field- offices. For emergencies or an immediate threat to life, please call 911.
• For tips on identifying concerning behavior which may be connected to violent extremism, the FBI, DHS, and the National Counterterrorism Center published an updated U.S. Violent Extremist Mobilization Indicators booklet in 2021.
• If You See Something, Say Something® – Report suspicious activity and threats of violence, including online threats, to local law enforcement, FBI Field Offices, or your

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