Severed Ties? Biden Yet To Congratulate Israeli Prime Minister On Re-Election

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The public is beginning to wonder what is happening between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

They are concerned because, despite winning his country’s election, Netanyahu has not received a call from President Biden to congratulate him. This is common for world leaders, and it has been a tradition between the US and Israel for many decades.

Reporters asked the White House on Thursday, November 3, 2022, about this, and the White House responded that they do not have any call planned at this time, though they left open the possibility that this could change

Israeli media reported that President Biden is expected to call their Prime Minister sometime this weekend, but the exact timing and nature of the call have yet to be revealed. Their media suggested that the call had yet to happen, given the President’s packed schedule around the midterm elections. However, the White House refused to confirm the reports and has not provided a time for when this call may take place.

Despite his busy schedule, Biden had no issue calling Brazil’s far-left

leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva just one day after his election. This has caused outside observers to begin to wonder if the Biden Administration is taking a different stance toward Netanyahu than he is toward other world leaders. It has also led to speculation that there might be a strained relationship.

Netanyahu is a far-right-wing leader in his own country and retains much respect in Israel. He was elected and re-elected on three different occasions beginning in 1996. His longest stint as Prime Minister was from 2009 to 2021. He briefly lost power in an election for approximately one year before being re-elected earlier this week.

Some US Presidents have gotten along better with Netanyahu than others. He had a famously tense relationship with former President Obama, and it seems like that carried over into the Biden years. The White House does not seem eager in any way to mend the relationship at this time, so this is where we are stuck for the moment.

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