Imran meets a member of the American pressure group in Beni Jalla A former American diplomat, CIA analyst and lobbyist


New York – Free Yemen Eye.


Former American diplomat, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst and lobbyist Robin Raphel met PTI Chairman Imran Khan.
According to sources, Raphel met the former prime minister in Bani Gala on Sunday afternoon.

Raphel was appointed as the assistant secretary of state for the affairs of South and Central Asia in 1993.
It should be noted here that on April 27, the former premier criticised American diplomat Donald Lu by waving a letter to the public at a public gathering in Parade Ground, Islamabad. He alleged that there was a conspiracy hatched against his government and the diplomat had been involved.
Social media and political circles are currently rife with debates on Imran’s strategy of criticising the US while holding meetings with American personalities.
Questions are being raised about the meeting between the two, particularly the contents of it.

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