Hilarious Video: DeSantis Reaction To Gavin Newsom After Criticism

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It’s not a secret how California feels towards Florida, nor is it a secret that Floridians have good reason to dislike Californians. Much of this is concerning the continuing attacks that are made about the people and policies in the good state of Florida.

This week, Ron DeSantis found an opening to clap back against the treachery that California governor Gavin Newsom has been throwing his way for some time.
Beginning with the distasteful commercials Newsom is running in Florida and the money that he donated to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ competitor, the underhanded tactics of the Democrat are often in the poorest of tastes.

DeSantis finally got his opportunity to respond. He queried Californians in general with the statement, “They’re so worried about Florida. They can’t even keep the power on in California. I mean, are you kidding me?” And there were many positive responses chalking this one up as a win for DeSantis and Florida.

DeSantis is commenting directly on those far-reaching commercials from Newsom inciting the people of Florida to move West. But, like DeSantis made a clear point about, why would they want the

threat of living without electricity?
Clearly, Gavin Newsom is preparing himself to run in 2024, but California’s power troubles make it hard to take the democrat and his failing policies seriously. The focus should be on the declining population of California, the first time this has happened in decades. Shouldn’t that be proof enough that people are ready to leave that sinking ship?
All and all, DeSantis’ narrow victory is proof that the liberal media is trying to trick the people of our great nation into believing whatever they say. DeSantis could not have had any better timing on this one. He is showing the strength of the Republican party regardless of others trying their best to discredit it.

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